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Maple Hill Manor has acheived Triple-Leaf Green Lodging Certification through the Bed & Breakfast Association of Kentucky and satisfied green practices criteria for Advocate Membership in the KY Excel Program – Kentucky Excellence in Environmental Leadership, through the Division of Compliance Assistance of the Energy and Environment Cabinet.

Maple Hill Manor remains committed to continually seeking ways to be kinder to the environment while pampering guests in luxury. The two efforts – providing luxury accommodations and being eco-friendly – are not mutually exclusive and this is proven at the country inn on a daily basis. While the inn strives to deliver exceptional comfort and service to each guest, it continues to incorporate newer products and eco-friendly practices to do so in a “greener” manner to ensure that the natural beauty of Kentucky is preserved for future generations to visit.

Maple Hill Manor is committed to helping our guests indulge in the amenities offered at the inn “guilt free,” as a means to renew and restore their own personal energy often depleted from the demands of everyday life and to better able them to make “greener” decisions in their own lives. To offset the resources consumed through the use of our fireplaces and whirlpool tubs, Maple Hill Manor has pledged $3 of every reservation to local eco-friendly organizations committed to preserving Kentucky’s green spaces, protecting wildlife or researching renewable energy options.

Our Environmental Mission

We are committed to:

Working diligently to minimize the amount of waste going into our landfills and to conserve our natural resources particularly through energy and water conservation and by recycling all materials possible, reusing non-recyclables as dictated by common sense, sanitary conditions and ability of a material to be reused;
Making environmental considerations part of our everyday business decision- making process including but not limited to purchasing products made from recycled materials, purchasing energy star rated appliances, buying local, and buying products in bulk and supporting the local community;
Valuing the natural and cultural heritage of Central Kentucky and to help guests enjoy and appreciate an authentic local experience through the development of eco-friendly packages, and recreational opportunities;
Complying with all applicable environmental laws and strive to follow best environmental practice in all facets of operations without compromising guest comfort;
Building local partnerships with other inns and businesses to strengthen business relationships and the sense of “community” and to effect positive awareness and practice changes toward the protection of our natural resources, local culture and the environment;
Soliciting feedback and suggestions from our guests regarding the inn’s environmental practices;
Identifying areas for environmental improvements in our operations and continue to make improvements that promote conservation and reduce the waste stream and carbon footprint of our business.

Green Practices

The list of environmentally-friendly and community practices in use at Maple Hill Manor is long, ranging from widespread use of compact fluorescent bulbs and solar lighting to donation and recycling of old towels, clothing, shampoo and soaps to local charities. The inn recycles guest and office products.

Other eco-friendly efforts in practiced at the inn include:

  • Widespread use of compact fluorescent bulbs and LED emergency lights
  • Widespread use of dimmable lights and timers throughout guest and common areas
  • Purchase and use of energy efficient appliances
  • Recycle old telephone books and reuse old furniture, china, linens via donations to local charities
  • Donation of old linens and towels for re-use at Animal Shelters, old bathrobes for local Women’s Domestic Violence Shelter, unused shampoos/conditioners to homeless shelter and unclaimed guest clothing to Salvation Army
  • Recycling centers for newspapers, plastic, glass and metals; housekeepers trained to remove recyclable goods from common trash in rooms (i.e. newspapers, plastic bottles, soda cans)
  • Post placards to announce waste reduction options and available guest participation in being “green”
  • Use of Green Seal Certified cleaning products
  • Purchase concentrated cleaning supplies in bulk and use refillable bottles
  • Purchase phosphate free laundry soaps in bulk and recycle plastic soap containers
  • Use of newspapers available centrally to all guests instead of automatically to all guest rooms
  • Using open windows, window shades, and fans to provide shade and comfort to guests minimize the need for air-conditioning
  • Linen Program – change sheets every 3 days, at checkout or upon request
  • Towel Program – change towels upon request by guest
  • Use washable cups in place of disposable cups in guest bathrooms
  • Purchase locally grown, organic products and bulk products where possible
  • Reuse and recycle plastic bags and use reusable cloth bags for groceries
  • Use and purchase of recycled paper and office products and recycling of used print cartridges
  • Use of all-natural lawn care and gardening products containing no pesticides as much as possible
  • Use of low-flow toilets
  • Regular maintenance program to reduce leaks and drips from faucets, etc.
  • Regular maintenance program to maintain washers and dryers and other mechanicals to optimize efficiencies
  • Member Local Food Co-op and Farmer’s Market
  • Collects all kitchen food and coffee waste to compost.

Green-Friendly Recognition

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