• Murder Mysteries

Searching for something different to do with your group of Friends?
Murder Mystery Events at Maple Hill Manor are sensational!

For over 30 years, Maple Hill Manor has hosted Murder Mystery Events – an evening of mystery, intrigue, and delicious food – not to mention, GREAT ENTERTAINMENT & FUN! Enjoy a hilarious game, an elegant Gourmet Dinner, and the comforts of a wonderful historic home. The games are intended to be very interactive ad-lib dialog among the guests, using game clues and accusations provided at the time of the game. Each guest plays a role, lively and hilarious banter occurs throughout the multi-course dinner meal, and a murder will take place by dessert. The objective for everyone is the same – to figure out who committed the murder and why. Prizes to be awarded for best acting, best costume, and SUPER SLEUTH. You’ll wonder when you last laughed so much or had so much fun!

This makes a GREAT GIFT IDEA for holiday gift giving, Bachelorette Parties OR Corporate Retreat Bonding as well!

2 Ways to Play:

1. JOIN OTHER INTERESTED GUESTS FOR AN OPEN MURDER MYSTERY – 6-7 couples or 12-14 people necessary to play the game.

We have the following dates available for an open murder mysteries in 2022:

  • Saturday, February 26
  • Saturday, March 12
  • Saturday, November 19
  • Saturday, December 31 

Simply choose a date, an available guest room, and provide a credit card number to hold your reservation. Call 859.336.3075

2. OR, ORGANIZE YOUR OWN EXCLUSIVE GROUP EVENT. Simply, invite 8-18 of your closest friends or family members for a truly unique group social at Maple Hill Manor. We’ll help you coordinate your party by providing the place, invitations, list of characters, suggested costume ideas, a dinner menu, and deluxe B&B Accommodations. We even take care of all the preparations, cooking, and cleaning – it’s just that easy. We do all the work . . . you enjoy all the fun! Simply call 859.336.3075 or email us at stay@maplehillmanor.com.

Choose from these Maple Hill Manor Murder Mystery Themes.

Murder Mystery Events 6-8 Players

  • Timeless – Luau Birthday Party
  • 1920’s Chicago Gangsters
  • 1930’s English Country Estate
  • 1950’s Cool, Happy Days

 8+ Players

  • Death at the Distillery – Irish-themed
  • Medieval – A Knight of Murder
  • 1800’s Wild West – Murder at Cactus Gulch Saloon
  • 1800’s Western – Murder at Deadwood Saloon – Poker Tournament
  • Early 1900’s – Fox Hunt & Royal Reception
  • 1920’s – Murder at the Juice Joint (A FAVORITE!)
  • 1940’s – New York Swing Dance Contest
  • 1970’s – Can you Feel that Disco Beat
  • Modern Day – “As the Sun Sets” Soap Opera Fund Raiser in LA
  • Modern Day – Redrum, Colorful Characters of Cosmetic Industry
  • Modern Day Italian Wedding – Till Death Do Us Part
  • Modern Day – Murder of a Millionaire
  • Murder Among the Mateys – Chaos in the Caribbean

Ladies ONLY

  • Bachelorettes & Bullets – Ladies Only
  • Killing for the Crown – Ladies Only
  • Bridal Shower-themed Event – Stop the Presents, Ladies Only

Rates & Reservations

1. NON-EXCLUSIVE, OPEN MURDER MYSTERY:  Open to anyone or any couple interested in joining other couples to fill the house.  For an evening of fun and suspense, these games include all of the makings for a wonderful mystery plus that special ounce of humor. Package includes award-winning over-night accommodations, 3-course gourmet breakfast for two, and dessert social, and Murder Mystery Paraphernalia (invitations, character manuals, costume suggestions, and five-course dinner meal, etc.). Special prizes (Gift Cards for a future stay) for guessing “Who done it”, “Best Costume” & “Best Actor.”

Pricing (includes 1-night overnight accommodations, murder mystery game and 5-course meal, and Full Country Breakfast):

Basic Rate – $279/couple  (Harriett Beecher Stowe and Clara Barton Rooms)

Deluxe Room Rate – $329/couple  (Abraham Lincoln Library and Jefferson Davis Rooms)

Premium Room Rate – $359/couple  (John James Audubon, Stephen Collins Foster, or McElroy Honeymoon Hideaway Rooms)

Simply call tollfree 859.336.3075 or email us at stay@maplehillmanor.com.

2. EXCLUSIVE GROUP RENTAL:  When you organize for your own group of friends and family…

When calling for reservations, please have two alternate dates, game selection, and total number of people in your party … 14 people, (double occupancy) is an IDEAL party size.

Only $50/person PLUS Full House Rental … Discounted to $1260/night.

Scenario: based on 14 people in party for a Weekend Date . . . Game, Dinner, and Accommodations with Full Country Breakfast is only $139/person OR $279/couple.  10% Taxes to be added. 20% Gratuity on dinner amount is required.

Full House Rental for one-night is required. Extend your stay a second night and receive the same discounted Full House Rental Rate.

No Discounts available for Holidays or Festival Weekends.

Minimum of 12 Guests required, with maximum of 18 Guests. If your group has members that cancel, the organizer for the group is responsible for a minimum of 12 guests in order to continue with the game. Otherwise, the reservations involving overnight accommodations will remain, without a game and dinner.

Cancellation for Group Events is a 30-day advance notice, $50/room re-booking fee (this applies to any cancellations whether individual rooms or as an entire group, regardless of when the reservation occurs). Cancellations within 30 days of arrival, will be the full financial responsibility of the group, unless guest rooms are re-booked.60

Steps Involved?

  1. Check for Full House Availability – either by calling or checking our website’s Availability Calendar
  2. Talk it up with your group of Family, Friends, Co-Workers. Call to make your reservation – credit card number is required to reserve your date, no charges until the time of your stay. Each person or couple can pay at that time for their portion using their preferred payment method: cash, check, or credit card.
  3. Murder Mystery Package will be sent to you which will include an overview of the Game, Character Listing, Suggested Costumes, and Dinner Menu.
  4. Character Assignments, Costumes, and Room selections are at your discretion.
  5. Call Maple Hill Manor at least one week prior to your event date with final menu selections.
  6. Arrive on your scheduled date and ENJOY THE EXPERIENCE!

Simply call 859.336.3075 or email us at stay@maplehillmanor.com.

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