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BNBFinder.com awards Maple Hill Manor as having one of most glorious gardens for 2013

Glorious Garden Award 2013Maple Hill Manor’s park-like setting features a beautiful wedding gazebo, surrounded by flower gardens, fish pond, flowering trees, and ancient maple trees. There is a Catalpa Tree (often referred to as the Kentucky Cigar Tree), which is believed to be over 160 years old. This majestic tree towers over all others…and its remarkable over-sized 12+ inch leaves and fragrant orchid blooms amaze our visitors. Romantic seating is scattered throughout the grounds to enjoy the charming views, relax, and be reunited with nature and its splendid tranquility. Maple Hill Manor also has a “Butterfly Moon Garden,” where all the flowers are solid white, which gives a glowing appearance at night. Butterflies of all colors and sizes are attracted to the gigantic white butterfly bushes which surround the garden, producing an abundance of nectar for hundreds of butterflies throughout the day.  4 of our 7 guestrooms overlook this incredibly wonderful act of nature. Come see for yourself why Maple Hill Manor has been honored with this unique award.

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