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Discover Mammoth Cave & More This Summer

Silhouette of a figure heading underground to one of the best caves in Kentucky

There’s no shortage of great ways to spend time near our romantic Kentucky Bed and Breakfast. From enjoying the best things to do in Bardstown, KY and sampling bourbon at the leading Kentucky Distilleries to heading underground to the best caves in Kentucky, including Mammoth Cave National Park, there are so many ways to have some fun and adventure along with your romantic getaways in Kentucky!

However you choose to spend your time in this scenic part of Kentucky, there’s only one place worth staying: our leading Bed and Breakfast in Kentucky, the Maple Hill Manor. Staying with us ensures couples have the perfect opportunity to escape the every day and retreat to a place where they can enjoy uninterrupted time together. 

For some couples, this will mean spending lazy days at our Bed and Breakfast in Kentucky, visiting with our horses, llamas, and other farm animals, and soaking up the quiet tranquility of our rural farm. For other couples, this will mean seeking adventure and heading underground to the best caves in Kentucky. There are, after all, more than 130 caves in Kentucky worth exploring, some of them not too far away from our Bed and Breakfast in Kentucky!

No matter which is more like you, we look forward to welcoming you to our historic Bed and Breakfast in Kentucky and helping you to create lasting memories. Book your room today! 

Mammoth Cave National Park, one of the best caves in Kentucky

Don’t Miss Mammoth Cave National Park

Though there are more than 100 caves in Kentucky, none are more famous than Mammoth Cave National Park. Like many of the best caves in Kentucky, Mammoth Cave National Park has been formed over millions of years. 

The underlying geography of Kentucky is made up of predominantly limestone, which is a porous rock that is easily eroded over time by water and other natural forces. What is left behind after years of this erosion are subterranean networks of caves, like those found at Mammoth Cave National Park. 

Mammoth Cave National Park is located in the south-central part of the state, around 90 minutes from our Bed and Breakfast in Kentucky. It’s more than worth the trip to spend a day walking through the cavernous underground, though! Here, you’ll find over 400 miles of mapped caves, making it the most comprehensive cave system in the world – and that’s just the caves that have been discovered to date! 

Thanks to the unique and impressive network of caves, Mammoth Cave National Park was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1981 and, in 1990, an International Biosphere Reserve site. From guided cave tours to horseback riding, there are many fantastic things to do at Mammoth Cave National Park!

  1. Take guided cave tours – it’s the number one thing to do at Mammoth Cave National Park for a reason! Reservations are strongly recommended, especially during the peak summer months. 
  2. There are more than 80 hiking trails throughout Mammoth Cave National Park, offering visitors a fantastic opportunity to see what sits over the cave network below. 
  3. You can also enjoy boating and paddling throughout the park. The Green and Nolin Rivers run through the area and offer more than 30 miles of paddle-friendly waters. 
  4. These same waters are great for fishing! No license or permit is required, but you should know the catch limits and regulations. 
  5. Mammoth Cave National Park is also a fantastic place to experience once the sun has gone down, and it offers some really exceptional stargazing opportunities. 
  6. Enjoy some of the wooded backcountry trails throughout the park on horseback. There are more than 60 suitable miles of trails for you to explore. 
After visiting Mammoth Cave National Park, discover more of the best caves in Kentucky

More of the Best Caves in Kentucky to Visit

When thinking about Kentucky, most people envision an endless sea of rolling green pastures, white fences, and the famed thoroughbreds of the Kentucky Derby. The first thought, often, is not what lies below ground. But once you learn more about the best caves in Kentucky, you’ll become more intrigued about the Bluegrass State and the many diverse adventures you can enjoy here. 

When finding the best caves in Kentucky, your adventure only begins at Mammoth Cave National Park. Though Mammoth Cave National Park is certainly impressive and a “must-do” activity for the avid adventurer, that’s not where your exploration of Kentucky’s underground world should end. The more of these marvels of the natural world you experience, the more we think you’ll find yourself in awe of the great state of Kentucky. Below, we’ve listed a few more of the best caves in Kentucky. 

  1. Another of the best caves in Kentucky to visit this summer, which isn’t too far from Mammoth Cave National Park, is Lost River Cave. Here, you’ll find seven miles of underground caves to explore, including a large underground lake and the only underground boat tour in the state. 
  2. Another nearby underground cave – one of the largest in the state – is Hidden River Cave. There’s even some evidence that Hidden River Cave may (someday) connect up with Mammoth Cave National Park! The cave is worth seeing, but you’ll also find the American Cave Museum here.
  3. Head underground at Diamond Caverns and admire the glittering calcite formations that have dazzled visitors for over a century. It’s the second oldest cave network open to the public and well worth the visit – particularly as it’s located near Mammoth Cave National Park and other incredible caves in Kentucky! 
  4. One of the closest and best caves in Kentucky to our Bed and Breakfast is the manmade Louisville Megacavern. The Megacavern is located north of our Bed and Breakfast by about an hour, in the exciting city of Louisville. This would be a great attraction to add to your itinerary if you plan to do any bourbon tasting at Lousiville’s distilleries. 

With easy access to so many of the best caves in Kentucky, including Mammoth Caves National Park, is it any wonder why our Bed and Breakfast in Kentucky is a great place to base your adventures? From caves to bourbon, there’s plenty to love about visits to this part of the state, and we’re thrilled to be your headquarters for all of it. Book your room at our romantic Bed and Breakfast in Kentucky today!

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